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75 W. Wieuca Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

In The News

09/11/14 Legal expert @MannySArora discusses sale of @ATLHawks- CBS46 News.
06/16/14 @MannySArora comments on Andrea Sneiderman's release from prison.
06/06/14 @MannySArora comments on DeKalb DA fights decision to team up with Crawford Lewis on appeal.
12/13/13 Attorney @MannySArora represents Clayton County Police Chief in racketeering investigations.
12/13/13 Grand Jury declined to indict Arora LaScala client Clayton Co Police Chief Porter
12/03/2013 Attorney @MannySArora comments on possible plea deals in APS cheating case
11/27/2013 Attorney @MannySArora comments on Racketeering indictment served to Clayton County Police Chief Porter
07/15/2013 @MannySArora defends Clayton County Police Chief during GBI investigation for Financial Misappropriation. Follow us on Twitter: @ATLSuperLawyers - VIDEO
04/24/2013 Trial date set for Manny Arora's client "America's Most Wanted" Michael Jason Registe
03/27/2013 Manny Arora comments on APS cheating case
01/29/2013 Manny Arora comments on wiretaps in DeKalb corruption investigation
12/19/2012 Manny Arora comments on Mental Health Defense Theory on Parson Case - VIDEO
09/17/2012 Arora represents client before the Georgia Supreme Court on illegally obtained cell phone records
08/30/2012 Manny Arora comments on GBI Clayton County Office case - VIDEO
08/13/2012 Manny Arora represents Clayton County Police Chief in GBI Investigation
04/09/2012 Michael LaScala's client avoids jail in connection with tragic accident involving H.E.R.O. driver
03/13/2012 Manny Arora comments on subpoenas served on Whitney Houston's Atlanta doctors
03/07/2012 Manny Arora comments on Andrea Sneiderman case - VIDEO
02/17/2012 Manny Arora comments on Whitney Houston case - VIDEO
12/01/2011 Manny Arora comments on Hemy Neuman murder case - VIDEO
10/20/2011 Manny Arora comments on ATF Fake Tax Stamp case - VIDEO
10/05/2011 CNN's HLN: Parade of girlfriends? Arora says the prosecution in the Conrad Murray trial needs to focus on the target.
08/30/2011 Arora comments on murder arrest of NBA player (Fox Sports South) - VIDEO
07/19/2011 LaScala represents former NFL quarterback VIDEO
07/06/2011 Manny Arora comments on Dunwoody Daycare killing case
06/07/2011 Manny Arora weighs in on Casey Anthony Verdict - VIDEO
05/24/2011 Michael LaScala provides statement in robbery investigation against Atlanta Falcon WR Roddy White's cousin
05/23/2011 Manny Arora subpoenaed Facebook for information to support client's defense
04/04/2011 Manny Arora comments on Neumann pleading Not Guilty
03/10/2011 Public corruption case concludes in misdemeanor probation for Arora's client
10/15/2010 Judge moves Columbus Parks & Rec criminal case forward
07/27/2010 One of America's Most Wanted retains Arora & LaScala
07/15/2010 Michael LaScala represents Ronnie Brown in DUI - (case continued)
05/26/2010 Manny Arora comments on Dekalb Superintendent corruption charges
04/14/2010 CBS Radio-Pittsburgh interviews Arora for his expert analysis on Roethlisberger case (Listen to Audio)
03/15/2010 Manny Arora comments on Reuben Houston case
03/04/2010 Arora secures immunity for police officer in deadly shooting
03/04/2010 Police Officer Granted Immunity in Deadly Shooting --The Judge's order
12/12/2009 DeKalb school official faces question of impropriety
11/01/2009 Jezebel Magazine "Attorneys of Distinction"
10/09/2009 Motion denied to remove Heidt judge from case
10/08/2009 SELS Presents Straddling the Lines
07/07/2009 Falcon's Michael Boley suspension limited to one game
01/03/2009 Feds: Judge, Deputy Held Nanny Against Her Will In Woodstock Home
09/17/2008 Milloy welcomes teammates' support after arrest
08/29/2008 Pacman knows he's not through proving himself
08/28/2008 NFL reinstates Cowboys' 'Pacman' Jones
08/28/2008 Arora Represents Pacman Jones
06/24/2008 Arora says feds erred in charging Forsyth deputy, family with human trafficking
06/18/2008 DFCS Official accused of felony child cruelty gets probation
04/12/2008 Manny Arora comments on Pacman's reinstatement
02/14/2008 Manny Arora comments on Pacman settling GA charges
01/15/2008 Manny comments on Pacman accusation of punching a woman
08/14/2007 Manny Arora comments on WWE Star Chris Benoit case
07/02/2007 Dead Wrestler Chris Benoit's Doctor Charged With Improperly Distributing Drugs - Arora disputes allegations
04/08/2007 Pac Picks Manny
1/06/2006 Manny Arora comments on dismissal of Murder charges against Gucci Mane.
01/03/2006 Murder Charges Dropped Against Arora's Client, Atlanta Rapper Gucci Mane
11/29/2004 Manny Arora comments on NHL star Danny Heatley case
04/20/2004 Barrett Shifts Legal Gears to attorney Manny Arora

New warrants out in House of Prayer case

Arora & LaScala
75 W. Wieuca Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30342 USA